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  1. WoodNymph

    Rudyard kipling

    Rudyard Kipling wrote many animal tales - the Just So Stories, Rikki Tikki Tavi, Jungle Book. Many of his stories read like myths. Are his stories based on the myths of any particular culture, or were they from his own imagination?
  2. WoodNymph

    Biblical myths?

    Many of the stories found in the Bible are also found in other religious texts. For instance, most religions have a creation story, a flood story, a story where a weakling beats the hero, a prediction for the end of the world. Would these be considered "myths"? What makes a story a myth, anyway?
  3. WoodNymph

    Everyday allusions to myths

    Have you ever noticed how often people allude to myths in everyday life? Many of the stories and legends have become such a part of our language that people probably don't even realize they are referring to mythology. I heard a newscaster yesterday mention that something was some politician's...
  4. WoodNymph

    Romans in space

    Why were the names of Roman gods chosen so often when naming objects in space and related to space? For instance the planets: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune. Also historic space missions (Mercury, Apollo).
  5. WoodNymph

    Percy jackson books

    I absolutely love the Percy Jackson books. No, they don't contain actual mythology, but they did open the door for my kids to become interested. Before these books, my kids could have cared less about mythology of any sort. Now they are interested, not only in this series, but in learning...