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    Question about jesus christ, sun dieties in grieco roman mythology

    I dont know if I would consider Jesus Christ to be "plagiarized" from sun deities. I think for sure it was influenced by deities from Greek Mythology (And therefore Roman Mythology as well), but not just the sun Gods in particular - apart from his birthdate. I think his links are far wider than...
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    We're making animated videos about mythology

    Hey guys. We've started a youtube channel to showcase our animated videos that explain Greek Mythology. It's a new channel, you can find it here: Our current videos that we have up are about the Minotaur, so would be fun to have a...
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    Google thinks this is spam.

    Same thing happened to me. I guess it's a problem on Gmails end. If the registration page included a heads up to people to check their spam folder, that might help
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    Where is everyone?

    I was just thinking this, and realise this post is now even older. But hopefully it can start getting some more activity soon
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    Your interpretation of the persephone myth

    I always felt the former story seemed better. That Hades tricked her with the Pomegranate. But I think whilst it meant she was "forced" to stay there, she wasn't super unhappy with it as she had started to fall for Hades in a Stockholm Syndrome style of things. Definitely on point that she...
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    Making videos talking and educating about Mythology

    Making videos talking and educating about Mythology
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    Greek mythology, where to begin?

    Well Mythology is super vast, but I always think a good starting point can be the very source texts themselves. The Iliad and Odyssey are both accessible books that tell a great story. Likewise the Metamorphoses by Ovid is a good read (Although this uses the Roman names as Ovid was Roman). If...