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    What's your favorite urban legend?

    think its a troll, she joined and only posted 4 things all involving something along the lines of 'oh btw im a furry'
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    Your favorite type of mythology

    I don't bother to differentiate between the two terms, I mean, religion is just mythology not yet unfollowed, and mythology is just abandoned religion.
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    Your favorite type of mythology

    Thanks for adding the list Batista, I know pretty much nothing about Slavic mythology so I'mma gonna read up :D
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    Thanks yal' handed up my final yesterday (I wont be posting it because if they search "Did Nero do more good than bad for Rome?" and it comes up with my essay, I will get 0 for plagerising my own work :P. However, if anyone needs any help about Nero, they are welcome to contact me, I have a...
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    How did christianity kill the roman religion?

    Nero also aided in the transaction, when people of Rome saw the Christians so fearlessly burn at the stake refusing to renounce their faith, other Romans started to believe it was a strong religion. "Their martyrdom was a message. Many were amazed at the courage of these men and women. What...
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    Eye of horus vs osiris

    Hey, I recently have aquired an eye of Horus/Osiris Pendant, the only problem is I can not tell if it is the Eye of Osiris or Horus... google images turns up the same symbol for both "Eye of Osiris" and "Eye of Horus" and although wikipedia does not have a page for "Eye of Osiris" (it does for...
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    7 seals

    I was wondering if anyone knows how each of the seven seals of the apocalypse are broken?
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    How did you pick your avatar?

    My avatar is an X-ray of my head, I thought it looked cool so I used it :D
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    So tell us a bit about yourself...

    I'm Wotan (Obviously a screen name) (one of many), I am 17, male, dress like a pirate, love history mainly mythology, love using ","'s, I'm in year 12, play the guitar poorly, have fantastic taste in music (like seriously the best), I once faught a bear (he started it), I read (sometimes I don't...
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    Mythology joke

    This made me smile, and then I sent it to my classics teacher (we are doing the Bacchae) the email was titled "Dionysus (Super Important)"
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    Theseus comic!

    Thank you for the positive reviews, I am already getting to far ahead of myself and thinking of other stories to do :P Although they will probably not involve Theseus and definetly will not be out for a looong time.
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    @Myrddin I honsetly did not know that... is a Midsummer Night's eam based in Athens? I know he becomes king of Athens eventually... @Nadai thanks :D
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    Ahh... music. favourite genre, favourite artist

    Yokko Kanno for the win :P, AC/DC (saw em live), Queen, Zeppelin, Sabbath, Ramones, Blue Oyster Cult, tons more... um... can't be bothered naming all :P
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    How many times has the world ended?

    If the world ends in 2012, JUST after I have finished Year 12 and started partrying (okay, to be fair I will have partied for a year straight by then but still) I will be so! mildly frustrated.
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    What inspired you to pick your username?

    Wotan is another name that Odin goes by :D