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    How do urban legends get started?

    Stories told around campfires to scare youngsters, cautionary tales to teach some bit of moral wisdom, rumors repeated into truth, misinformation quoted as gospel - the stuff that makes us human!
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    New greek movie "the immortals"

    Sounds like a great movie. From what I've read it's supposed to come out late in the year: 11/11/11. I wonder whether the number 11 figures into the movie somehow, or if it was due to be ready in November so they chose a cool date?
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    Witchy wolves

    I had heard of the woman/wolf story, but not the half-dog/half-wolf story. Do the witchy wolves choose when to change, or are they changed by the moon like werewolves?
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    Are outsiders allowed at pow-wows? Would they be authentic, or just demonstrations for the curious? The closest I've come to a pow-wow is singing along with the Indian song in Peter Pan. :)
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    Rudyard kipling

    Rudyard Kipling wrote many animal tales - the Just So Stories, Rikki Tikki Tavi, Jungle Book. Many of his stories read like myths. Are his stories based on the myths of any particular culture, or were they from his own imagination?
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    Native american legends

    This is a great site - thanks for the link. I especially like the section with the poems and prayers. They are so beautiful and thought-provoking.
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    Before the dog, there was the fox

    Foxes have always fascinated me. They are almost like a cross between a dog and a cat. I wonder what a tame fox would be like? And if they were once domesticated, why are they not anymore?
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    Sounds like the makings of a new line of self-help books! :) It does seem that in the past so much more was learned by experience or thinking or experimenting. Now if you want to know something, you ask or read or google. We may do things faster now, but it is not necessarily better.
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    First dog

    But what would you breed a wolf-looking dog with to turn it into a poodle? It's one thing to cross a big dog with a small dog to get a middle-sized one, but how do you introduce a pug nose or afghan hair?
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    First dog

    I have always wondered how there got to be so many, and so varied, types of dogs. I had read that dogs were descendants of wolves, but then how do you explain poodles and Chihuahuas?
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    What profession?

    I would love to explore the prehistoric caves in France, tracking early man, figuring out how they managed to do so much with so little. Think how incredible it would have been, discovering or developing new hunting techniques, new ways to grow crops, learning about the seasons and the stars by...
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    Biblical myths?

    Many of the stories found in the Bible are also found in other religious texts. For instance, most religions have a creation story, a flood story, a story where a weakling beats the hero, a prediction for the end of the world. Would these be considered "myths"? What makes a story a myth, anyway?
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    Emain macha

    Wow! That is one tough broad! Running (and winning) a foot race against a chariot while about to give birth to twins? No wonder she cursed the men!
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    Percy jackson books

    Percy Jackson is the main character in these books. The author is Rick Riordan. He has also started a new series set in Egypt. The first one is called The Red Pyramid. This series is about Egyptian gods and goddesses.
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    The role of animals

    Native Americans are very attune to nature of all sorts. They are highly respectful of the land, the seasons, the plants as well as the animals. Wouldn't it have been nice if the early settlers had asked for their advice rather than driving them away? Think how much we could have learned from...