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    The story of Endymion?

    I have a dog named Zeus was his kennel name and we just kept it. I better keep an eye on that little guy!
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    The story of Endymion?

    Oh, so a wolf in a narcoleptic's clothing??? Some where in the recesses of this mind, I know I've read more about the recurring theme of sleeping men. Anyone know more?
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    Story Telling Game-its Easy!

    Once upon a very dark time, an aged wizard named Phis Morgana, the son of Hiatus Morgana, was at work in his tower. To create a potion that would put the Prince out of perilous
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    The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

    So much in Irving's story is real ...the locations, the descriptions (I live not too far from Sleepy Hollow) ...that it so adds to his fictional story. So, much of it is based on fact but not the headless part lol.
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    What is the biggest urban legend ever

    The drain thing reminded me of hearing about some of Woody Allen's phobias from someone who knew him. He was terrified of any drain especially floor drains and wouldn't go into a room that had them. He is also, apparently, terrified of trees. I have to laugh when I hear some of the stories as...
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    Bedtime story

    I have a vague recollection of my mother reading to me, but she taught me to read by the time I was four ...I have no idea whether it was because she was just very progressive or didn't want to be bothered with bedtime reading ...I have a feeling it was the latter LOL.
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    good for little girls or not

    I have to agree as well. I read fairy tales, and never wanted to be a princess although I have a cousin who was far too effected by them. She became a little Jon Benet but fortunately didn't meet with death. She continued the whole idea until well into her 20s and even still acts the part of...
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    Story Telling Game-its Easy!

    Once upon a very dark time
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    So was the first vampire really Lillith? That was Adam's first wife, who left him for Lucifer? Anyone believe that one?
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    Name A Mythological Figure!

    That's easy for me since I named one of my dogs ...ZEUS.
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    good for little girls or not

    Not condemning childhood play at all. But I guess I am condemning parents who get involved and take it to a great length. Takes the childhood out of it all.
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    The Holy Grail

    Those are valid points. I'm not certain whether I believe in some of the recent 'findings' or whether I believe at all, but they're interesting!
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    Anyone else have a poster ...

    I didn't have a poster, but my mother somehow go onto Edith Hamilton from a book of the month club thing's almost funny now, but she passed that book along to me which started my interest in mythology!
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    The Holy Grail

    I think there's some truth to it which has long lost its truthfulness. That said, I do believe there are spin offs within the Church, like Opus Dei, which are a bit strange.
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    good for little girls or not

    That's shades of Jon Benet Ramsey. Every time I see one of the photographs of that child, I cringe. If she had lived to be an adult, I can only wonder what she would have been like. She looked 21 at age 5.