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    Spring in the air?

    Spring cannot come soon enough for me. I detest winter and all it's harshness and cold weather. Sunlight and warmth is the ticket for me. Anyone else like this?
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    Celtic myths come from more countries than i realized

    Evidently!! They must have been rather a nomadic people. I do get lost in their lifestyle and music and often think that I was born in the wrong time period. I then look at all my modern conveniences and say "NAH."
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    First state of the union

    Maybe not lawfully RLynn but from where I sit, ethically, morally and "for the people" have not been in this man's vocabulary. The last straw for me was considering taking 401K's and tying that in with Social Security to help fund the deficit in Social Security. That's just WRONG!!
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    First state of the union

    The 535 is where we really need to be focusing since they have some control over the one. The one is certainly the most visible though. I'm surprised he hasn't been impeached yet and wonder why not.
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    Pat: people.against.twilight

    I watched the first movie before I read the first book and went "HUH"???? It was bad. Then I read the book, went back and watched the movie again and it was a little better. At this point I have read all the books and seen all the movies. I'm still not a big fan but my kids at school were...
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    Do you remember when the movie "Poltergeist" came out? I watched most of it but it scared me so bad that I have never gotten through the whole movie. From the part that I watched it describes to a tee the definition of a poltegeist, especially the part about physical attacks. This and the...
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    Celtic myths come from more countries than i realized

    Refering to the original thread here, my research into fairies, pixies and elfs in Celtic Mythology has taken me all over the UK and beyond. I was as surprised as you Setharoth. I thought that the Celts were exclusive to one geographical area, but they are not.
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    What are you doing new year's eve?

    There's always a big bunch of us that get together at a local restaurant and ring in the new year with sparkling grape juice. That way, no one has trouble getting home and it's a great way to begin the year.
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    I went back and further explored that site. Did you access all the pixie pictures? I just love this one. I think it would look cute in a child's room. Don't you?
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    I have just been reading about pixies and discovered they are exclusive to Britan and Celtic Mythology. I found it especially interesting that they are considered to be a fairy of sorts.
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    To each his own. I choose to believe the rebellion theory of Satan due to the fact that so many bad things happen here on earth. This being Satan's dominion would only confirm the pain and suffering that so many people experience. This, however is a total Theological discussion that has been...
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    I had not heard the angels theory. That would make sense though. Does this make faires immortal? Do you think they are trapped here on earth doing their deeds or do you think they have a higher purpose and can actually die when their work is finished?
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    What do we really know about fairies? I have seen them depicted in may ways. They can either be good, bad, evil, helpful or destructive. Where did the fairy concept come from? I would like to think that all fairies are like Cinderella's fairy Godmother or Tinkerbell from Peter Pan.
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    Nora roberts and celtic mythology...

    Oh my, I didn't know she did Cletic too. I have recently discovered her and after reading the "Star" trilogy, I picked up Valley of Silence. I was expecting the usual romantic, mystery, murder scenario that I had previously found and was quite surprised that the main character in this one is a...
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    Speaking of christmas

    All this is very interesting and I'm sure in the beginning, "Santa" did good deeds and made people happy. However, the whole concept has gotten out of hand, don't you think? People go into debt just to buy Christmas gifts for their children and other people. Christmas is so stressful that is...