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    Sif and thor

    I like Norse myths. The Gods are so vulnerable - Hod was blind, Balder died, Tyr had one hand, Odin had one eye, Sif wore a wig.
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    Are celts in your own heritage?

    I got a lucky break in tracing my ancestors and found out I descend through my mother from the ancient High Kings of Ireland and the Princes of Wales. some of whom claimed descent from characters straight out of Celtic mythology!
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    Clarent or the exculiber

    According to the old Welsh poem, Arthur had three weapons; "The sacred weapons that God had given him: Rhongomiant his spear, Caledfwlch a sword, and Carnwennan his dagger."
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    Hello all

    Hi everyone, I've been interested in mythology for as long as I can remember. Mainly Greek, Norse and Celtic, but interested in investigating and comparing all of them.