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    Where would you go?

    Ireland is my first choice (2013 here I come!) I could possibly stay there and never come back...seriously the fairies can take me away! Japan is my second choice. I think the antique shops alone with their shiny samurai swords and dinnerware would have me entranced for at least 2 days. Asian...
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    Welcome to the Forum!! I also love the sound of your job. I can't wait to here your theories!
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    Emain macha

    She was part of the trinity of the Morrigan right? Along with Badb. I can't remember.
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    Travel plans?

    India does sound very mystical. I would also like to go there sometime. I have never seen "Eat, Pray, Love" I have a friend in Limerick Rhonda.(sorry its taken me so long to get back to you) My family is from mayo and Roscommon. I would prefer to go West but my friend recommends staying closer...
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    Travel plans?

    I am planning a trip to Ireland as we speak! What draws you to India?
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    I have a book written and illustrated by Brian Froud and Alan Lee. I would recommend it to anyone. I think it is truley amazing and breathtaking :-) and maybe just a little bit scary! Here is a bit of Irish lore handed down from my family to help you see Faeries; My grandmother said if you tend...
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    Siouxsie and pan's labyrinth

    I absolutely love that movie. I think Guillmerro del Toro is pure genius. There are so many stories that tie into mythology or stories the top of my head I think of Led Zepplin's Stairway to Heaven(The Pied piper and the May queen) Breathe by Pink floyd has a verse about the rabbit...
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    Deep sea diver found in forest

    I think, Chintai, that is the glamourus effect of the mind being able to tell such bizarre stories. People are memorized :-)
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    What's your favorite symbol associated with mythology?

    I thought it meant blue blooded because they were so pale? Kind of like how William Wallace painted himself blue in battle. Where r u getting the red reference? I wonder if I'm completely mistaken.
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    Apotheosis of george washington

    Nice!! Hermes is on the very top...identified by his staff, Poseidon to the left, the trident, Hephaestus ( I think) looks like hes holding a hammer and the workers are turning metal into molten metal, black smoke behind them, under Poseidon that looks like Athena? On the bottom there I can't...
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    Left, right, left, right

    I am glad you posted this Rhonda because I am reading Michael Scott's (he writes historical fiction) books right now and one of his characters has a left handed silver hook and it is driving me CRAZY because I can't figure out who the hook handed man he is.(this specific character has an unknown...
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    Favorite poetry

    William Blake and Edgar Allen Poe are my favorite. I can't help but read anything by Robert Frost, he is amazing, and I like Sylvia Plath. I can recite "Nothing Gold Can Stay" from memory. That poem totally burned into my mind after I read"The Outsiders"
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    Caillech similarities

    The only other deity I have ever come across that was compared to her was Hekate. I agree somewhat. I can't think of anyone else at this moment.
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    Hello there :d

    Nice to meet you Jen! I love renaissance faires! You sound very interesting, welcome aboard =)
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    What's your favorite symbol associated with mythology?

    I have not seen her Encyclopedia, however, I have a HUGE symbol encyclopedia that has symbols and secret signs. Love it. I will look hers up online. I just recently started to get into Sanskrit, I had to look up the Aum symbol but recognized it right away. Awesome! I also love celtic knotwork...