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    The Chronicles of Narnia

    I understand, I saw the movie before seeing the book, so I never had time to imagine a different world either.
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    Wikipedia is quite the good site; although you have to take everything with a grain of salt, there is so much information that one could spend days on it without getting bored :)
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    The story of Endymion?

    Hm perhaps it was a way to persuade a dad that you did not have actual sex before marriage, and you would go and invent a story on how it would be doable :)
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    Disney vs the true tales

    Well do not lose hope; the way I see it, is that even if Disney is making stories end happily ever after, it may spark enough interest for a viewer to search the original work, something that he would not have done.
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    Shrek: Fairy Tale or Fraud?

    Yes, and the moment I remember is when he first find Fiona sleeping; he slowly walks, gets close to her, goes near her face and....shake the heck out of her :)
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    The Chronicles of Narnia

    I've read all the books, and I loved them (maybe aside from one.) It's the kind of book that felt satisfying. As for the movie, it may not be the best movie out there, but I loved it for the fact that it does make one child-like.
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    Shrek: Fairy Tale or Fraud?

    It may only be me, but the 2nd one is probably the best of the two (albeit the first one is still good.) And as far as I've heard, a 4th one has also been accepted.
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    Nope, I'll join the "whaaa?" club too. Never read much about Lilith or any stories like that, nor the whole Adam story from above.
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    Heh, wow talk about breaking the charm of some regular cookies and milk :) That could probably earn you some prizes in those "kids say the darndest thing" competitions.
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    Shrek: Fairy Tale or Fraud?

    Fraud would be going a bit far; it's an entertaining movie, loved it, and that's as far as I go with it. I think this is more of an uneeded debate on semantics.
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    Sinbad the sailor

    I remember seeing the live series of Sinbad when I was young; it was showing up on a kid channel...and the women didn't have that much clothes on....wonder how it got on that channel in the first place.
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    Bedtime story

    Quite right, there isn't much drawbacks to kids when on the subject of reading book. Imagination as well as a better vocabulary are bound to arise.
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    Find Mine Too!!

    Granted that there are quite a lot of Jack tales, there is also the point that fairy tales tend to have elements that differ from one person to the other too :\
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    New fairy tales?

    Hmm ok, yes seen that way I guess one could debate the semantics of "new" fairy tales :)
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    New fairy tales?

    Hmm not sure about where 1990 comes into play, but Shrek first came to theater in 2001, Shrek 2 in 2004 and Shrek 3 is slated for 2007