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    Myth assimilation

    Well, we have taken the Samhain tradition and made it into Halloween. I remember a lot of people at churches started to not celebrate Halloween when this fact came out a few years back.
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    Please help my brother

    LOL Just make them go to their rooms for a while and chill. A good glass of red wine would help his perspective a bit too. Good luck with the kids.
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    What do you like to read?

    I've read a little of everything in my lifetime. I am currently into Stephen King and Dean Koontz. Tomorrow I may be onto something else. I've read a lot of historical fiction which I love and autobiographies and biographies of many people. It really just depends upon what mood I'm in. And...
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    2012 mayan calendar

    Yup, another total prophecy non believer. Remember when everyone and their brother went nuts December 31st, 1999? But in the end, it was only some computers that did. Same thing will happen then. I remember tons of people gathered in church December 31st, 1999, even people who didn't GO to...
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    Witchy wolves

    Sounds like something I would do GreekGoddess31. I love to wander around all the old graveyards and see what I can scare up. Sometimes I've seen things I can't explain.
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    Cutting the blood eagle

    Has anyone heard of this type of Norse mythological torture? The gist of it is they would take a prisoner and lay them face down. Then they would cut a large cut on each side of the spine and detach the ribs from the spine. Then they would spread them out before crucifying the victim. Sounds...
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    Before the dog, there was the fox

    It makes you wonder what else is wrong in the history books. I have always wondered what was in the people's mind when they domesticated any animal. Don't you wonder what was the first person who ate an egg was thinking?
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    What really happened

    That's the truth! I've learned to take any account of history with a grain of salt. It is essential to do this with any account because you will learn the main points but also the opinions which do matter in my opinion. But I want as many opinions as possible so I don't trust just the skewed...
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    Did you fear them?

    We had my younger cousin scared to death of the "Mirror Man". We told her he would come out while she slept and grab her and take her to mirrorland and she would never get back. We were cruel but then we were 10.
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    What profession?

    If you didn't do what you do now, what profession would you like to be in. I would love to be a vet and take care of animals. I actually investigated doing this but didn't go through with it.
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    Biblical myths?

    Isn't it interesting that so many different cultures have the same themes? Makes you wonder if the tales are truth and not fiction, doesn't it. I love reading things like this.
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    First dog

    Dogs are such innocent creatures, I have no idea why anyone would ever treat one badly. It hurts me to see animals and children abused when they can't defend themselves.
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    I had never heard that before! Very interesting. I would not want to meet up with that lady anytime soon. I did like how they had Uma Thurman portray her in the Percy Jackson movie. Interesting!
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    Curious facts

    Very interesting! I love reading and seeing things like this. I also love to study about things that happened in my own backyard. When I was in 7th grade we had to study about the history of our state and I loved it!
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    Appalachian superstitions

    I'm not in the Appalachians but I'll give you a few. 1. If a bride doesn't have something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue on her during the wedding ceremony, she will have bad luck in the marriage. 2. Don't spill salt. If you do, throw some over your left shoulder...