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    Story behind "the trickster"

    I don't really know the background and the story behind "the trickster". I see various items with his symbol playing the flute, but I don't know the story. Can anyone shed light on this?
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    Buying furniture

    As long as you are patient and don't try to force finding accessories, it will "evolve" into something that you both will really love. Maybe some art work depicting something mythological?
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    How did christianity kill the roman religion?

    I would imagine that as the Roman Empire disintegrated, that not only faith in the government but faith in the Roman gods greatly diminished. Needing to believe in something, Christianity offered hope at a time when hope was in short supply.
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    "......but because it was Medusa's beauty that had gotten her raped, she made her so hideous that any man who looked upon her would be turned to stone" was Poseidon's LUST that got her raped, not her BEAUTY. Good on Athena for having lustful guys turned to stone when they looked at her!
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    Pandora box...

    Well, here's another angle. A box's first purpose is to contain something. Evil would have been a really good thing to keep contained. You have to be able to open the box to put something in it.....think about it. :D
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    Tea drinkers?

    I drink more tea than any other beverage by far. I used to like all kinds of tea, but I seem to have settled into "basic black" tea for some reason. Boring but true!
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    Seems like yet another story where there is a lesson about how we are "playing with fire" when we let ego dictate our outlook, actions and decisions. Hard to say if more good or harm comes from what the ego motivates---probably more harm.
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    Somehow it just doesn't seem very "princely" to be related to a guy named Vlad the Impaler. This might explain why he might have to work a little harder in the charisma department!
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    Henry viii

    I would imagine that the same thing that was usually on his mind---power---was on his mind when he decided to be-head them. I'm guessing he be-headed them simply because he could.
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    Is the myth of Narcissus a Greek myth? This is the story of the young man who never knew what he looked like until he caught a glimpse of himself in a pool of water, and then couldn't stop admiring himself. It's a lesson about how an overactive ego can affect one.
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    The people of the dawnland

    So what have you been learning thus far? I have not heard of this tribe before. Where is the tribe located? I live in the Northwest where there are many native people and tribes, and have been fortunate enough to be invited to a few native ceremonies.
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    Although Cupid is widely known, I suspect the actual mythology that goes with him is not nearly so widely known. I never really related Cupid to "mischief", but I guess that is one side to him.
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    Fairy tales

    I have always thought of fairy tales as a form of mythology, and I think that fairy tales remain my favorite form of mythology. They truly reinforce universally good life lessons. Got a favorite fairy tale?
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    Hera--villain or misunderstood?

    Hey somebody had to represent the point of view of "Anger". There is justified anger in the world and unjustified anger. Justified anger is consequence of being wronged. Poor Hera!
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    Favorite period?

    I have always found the rise of the Roman Empire period to be fascinating because the Romans really gave new meaning to the word "civilization" on so many levels.