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    Name A Mythological Figure!

    You're a Chimera?
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    Full moon

    10th grade American lit. and 12th grade British lit. I also work with the drama club and rifle team :-j
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    Christianity belongs here

    Plus, if you thought pagan lore was extensive, take a look at just Roman Catholicism; there is a massive expanse of Christian lore, not even counting folklore not found in the canon. I don't know if you were not finding a concise enough books on Christian symbolism and practices, Jim, but I know...
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    Multiples of three...

    Yeah, I think Paul was already in Rome only decades after the resurrection, not centuries. Under Nero the Christians suffered severe persecution and went underground. As I was taught, the book of Revelations is a sort of underground railroad document written in a symbolic language, helping the...
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    Multiples of three...

    I grew up in a strict Catholic school. I haven't the slightest idea how any priest or nun would react if I consistently referred to god the father, a proper term for one of the persons in the holy trinity, as a female. Theologically, any apologist would tell you that there is a lack of gender in...
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    Curious facts

    Your paradox of stealing what is rightfully yours is extremely thought provoking. It reminded me of "become what you are." Cool explanation too, Hermes and Loki blending the usually polarized concepts to their own will, incidentally being a traveler between hemispheres of thought. Loki I know...
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    Fact or fiction?

    Yeah it is pretty funny. I remembered it from this horribly drawn comic collection, animated somewhere between R. Crumb and Garbage Pale Kids- gross I know. It belonged to a friend of mine from back in grade school but I'll bet he still has it buried somewhere. I'll ask him to dig it up; it...
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    Just saying hello

    It's 100% Wagnerian, thanks for noticing! It's Odin kissing his favorite Valkyrie daughter Brunhilde goodbye before he encircles her sleeping figure in flame. It's a tearjerker. Yeah, Satan and Lucifer and are sometimes conflated, kinda like Lucifer and Beelzebub are. Neat stuff! I'll...
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    Local legends

    Rad story and a Classic tale, I certainly can't top it. Why would anyone want to name their cemetery Resurrection Cemetery, though? Good call on that one. It's sad. I used to live in Savannah, Ga which is supposed to be haunted out the wazoo; but I can't remember any stories. I know for sure...
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    Just saying hello

    How big are these pyramids? I figured the terrain of Eastern Europe is pretty well accounted for. Different folks have been running back and forth in that whole area since World War I. Where could you hide a pyramid in the Balkans? Link me that stuff! If nothing else it makes for good story...
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    Hope to help, mission statement

    You're a saint for asking me about my avatar. The scene my avatar comes from is part of an operatic cycle called Der Ring Das Nibelungen, written in the late 19th century by German composer Richard Wagner. This magnum opus is my favorite fiction in all the world over; and its production was the...
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    Hope to help, mission statement

    Groundhog day is awesome, still one of my favorites, "I'm a god, it's the only explanation". The Savannah parts of Forrest Gump were filmed not to far from where I lived when I was growing up in that strange coastal berg. They had to take the bench he sat on out of the park because people kept...
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    Favorite Cheese

    Not at all! It's fantastic! Personally I might recommend either Camembert, Brie, or Munster, but especially Camembert. I did go to a Bavarian festival where they had Limburger for sale. It smelled like feet but tasted pretty good. I now never again have to prove my courage in front of my...
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    Disney's hercules: how many inaccuracies can you find?

    hahahaha EXACTLY! She was just some nondescript woman asleep in bed. Too funny.
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    Mythological characters and religions

    Thanks! Yep, sure enough, there's circumcision and...THE STATIONS OF THE CROSS?! WHOA! I remember having to do that around Easter every year. Candlemas too? Nice. The website takes a balanced stance on the information as well. Good find, thanks again!