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    Ragnorok is the end to a beginning. It is a show of the cycles of things. Odin continues to let us know that we need to seek wisdom, a godly virtue that is so sought after that he takes great risks in acquiring more whether it is hanging on a tree or sacrificing an eye or risking his life to...
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    The name loki

    In some cultures, they used to wait until a child had been around for a few years before they names them so that they had a chance to observe the child and give them a name that fit them...these are magickal workings in that when you name a thing, it will begin to take on the attributes that the...
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    First of all if you know the true meaning of "myth" then you would not say such a thing since myth is "based on truth, with the intention to be didactic in nature". If you follow the migrations of the "Germanic" races you will see that ALL of the people who descend from the Germanic races have...
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    Fintan mac bóchra

    Salmon are known for their unstoppable drive to survive in that they fight their way upstream (signifys the up-hill battle) to lay their eggs to propagate their species.