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    Are celts in your own heritage?

    How many people here have discovered any of their family lines go back into Celtic history? We have one line in my mother's line that goes back to Welsh and Celtic history. People here have connected to lines in England and hooked into those. It's fascinating to know that some of your ancestors...
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    Taciturn Scholar, you give such a deep interpretation that sets me thinking. The image of the sea giving up all those people from the Deluge boggles the imagination. Then I remembered all those people who met their deaths in the ocean, from ancient Viking ships to seasoned galleons to ships...
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    Getting kids to read egyptian history

    Once in awhile a book or a movie will spark a kid's interest and result in a life-long love affair with books. I believe television and the need to be entertained all the time thwarts a child's reading development more than it helps.
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    First mythology memory

    What is the first story, other than a Bible story or fairy tales, you remember hearing that is a story based on Greek or Roman mythology? About how old were you when you read or heard it?
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    Favorite piece of artwork?

    You're right, Rhonda! I also know they are the Graces. I wasn't thinking there for a moment. I believe someone called what I have an antique mulberry plate, but I haven't done my research on mulberry plates. Thanks for setting me straight!
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    Latest book find

    I heard a friend talking about a place that had hundreds of old books they were selling for a quarter and fifty cents each. I went by there and bought a shopping cart full for $10, so I paid less than the asking price. I found books on the Druids, King Arthur, an Edith Hamilton biography and...
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    You give an excellent all around interpretation, Nadai. I would love to see the show you mention from the History Channel. It still amazes me that people over time made all this stuff up, basing it on their growing knowledge and experiences. Can you imagine a river of fire?
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    That's a cute picture, Toni! Do you remember all those little Christmas tree pixie elves that were popular in the 1960s or early 1970s? We still have some of them that end up on the tree some years. I used to think they were ugly, but they've grown on me.
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    Pat: people.against.twilight

    That's my take on the books, too, Toni, although without reading them I can't be totally objective. I demand more from my literature than the shock value that younger generations find so appealing. Give me Shelley's or Stoker's works instead if I want to read horror. I don't do horror for the...
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    Pat: people.against.twilight

    Enertia, I haven't read the books either. I picked up one a time or two when I found it at Goodwill, but I still couldn't make myself buy it, even at a buck. The television and movie attention has turned me off, and I have no basis for my attitude toward them.
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    Mythology in name brands

    Setharoth, Nike was the Winged Goddess of Samothrace. She was also called Nike of Samothrace. She is the Greek goddess of Victory. Sometimes she's called just "Victory," I think. I remember her because I've seen the famous statue by the same name in the Louvre. It is stunning. It stands at the...
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    I received a package of Wassail Splice Blend mix for Christmas. This one was especially packaged and sold at the Biltmore House in Asheville, NC. The directions say to mix one bottle of red wine with four cups of water in a large saucepan. Add one cup of the mix and simmer until all the spices...
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    What are you doing new year's eve?

    We may have company for a bit and then visit my aunt and cousin who are visiting from Washington, D.C. There are still some year-end projects I wanted to finish up, but they may have to wait until 2012.
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    The nine worlds

    I've not read much Norse mythology, so I'm looking forward to tips and hints within this area of the forum. Maybe I remember some of the tales in different scenarios from straight-out Norse mythology.
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    Favorite piece of artwork?

    I like the ones where the Muses are dancing around in a circle. I think it's the Muses. There are just three of them so it may be someone else. I have a plate somewhere with these beautiful ladies dancing on it.