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    Greetings and salutations

    Welcome to the forum! Hope you enjoy your stay here. Feel free to pick through old posts--it doesn't matter how far back you look--we've had some pretty entertaining debates here on the forum and have learned a great deal. I've always been interested in Dungeons & Dragons but I never knew anyone...
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    Who is this woman?

    Perhaps you could upload another photo so that we can help you out. I've always been intrigued by heirlooms. What's their story? What have they seen or been through? The stories they could tell if only they could speak; it's quite exciting. I'd be happy to look into it for you. I'm sure someone...
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    Trail of tears

    I think, if we can take any lesson from humanity it would be that, in spite of our best efforts, humans repeat the same mistakes time and time again. Regardless of how many times we err, we still seem to fall into the same holes as our forefathers. If there is any proof of that, I think current...
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    A similarly-sounding series I've really enjoyed is Julie Kagawa's Immortal Rules. Another post-apocalyptic book. There is a bit of everything in the series from vampires to zombie-like creatures. It's really quite entertaining.
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    Myrddin, have you gotten into the television series Penny Dreadful? I started watching it recently and I find that it has so much of the things I enjoy. Mystery and fantasy and legend and gore as well as some of my favourite monsters. If you haven't, I think you should check it out.
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    How much of history is myth?

    My Classics professor liked to say, 'history is written by the victors'. I think that holds true. Why the Greco-Roman myths held so much sway over the world could have easily been because they were the dominant power. Why does Christianity and Catholocism hold so much sway today, because those...
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    How much of history is myth?

    Even crazier, once he realized the was not in India, he continued to call the local natives 'Indians'.
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    Jewelry inspired by mythology

    I just love dragons! They're such lovely creatures. In truth, all of these look pretty spectacular. I wouldn't recommend changing them too much. Don't fix it if it isn't broken and all that. However, I would say that maybe you could offer different types of chains. The pendants are lovely and...
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    The rake

    A little late now, but yes thanks, that is a good idea:D
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    The rake

    Argh!!!! Why do I do this to myself!? I'm such a masochist :( I'm never going to look at another scary video. My heart can't take it.
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    Scariest (or creepiest)

    I can't remember ever hearing a legend like that. I hate creepy stories, but I am intrigued.
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    Asuras: gods of chaos

    Haven't heard this before. That's amazing. I've never gotten into Hindu myth but it sounds really interesting.
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    Terrorist deification

    I'm not quite sure I got everything you were trying to say (I'm not all that smart with this type of thing) but I think maybe I get a bit of it, though I'm not sure that you actually asked a question... You're saying that terrorism has been romanticized by mainstream media. Instead of seeing...
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    Shocking, dreadful and horrifying

    That's good to know, but it still isn't as if it is something unheard of. There have been people trampled to death while shopping on black Friday. There have been people attacked while shopping because someone wanted what they had. The details of this story in particular may be fictional, but...
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    Shocking, dreadful and horrifying

    I can't even say that's's just this country. Seriously stabbing people to death over an Xbox only after spending a day being "thankful" for what you have. My mother is a lawyer for the Wal-Mart corporation and she has to be in the store (in her district) on Black Friday every...