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    Witches and black magic

    To me, that is still trying to perform some type of magic, or using "powers" to get them out of your life. It doesn't seem as bad, but I don't think I'd even do that much.
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    Well, Thor decided to take over the show here where I live. The storms were so bad that many shows were cancelled. Some of them still went on, though, and Thor shared the spotlight with them.
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    I've never checked out the site, but I know that so many people will send around e-mails saying that the information that they are sending has been verified on I guess by them saying that makes you believe whatever they say.
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    How do they start?

    I think that most likely someone makes up something, then some ignorant person believes it and then gets others to believe it, and so on, and so on.....
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    Witches and black magic

    Most people think that witches perform "Black Magic", when in fact, witches are actually afraid to cast any spells or perform magic that would have a negative result. If you send something like that out into the universe, it comes back to you, and sometimes even worse than what you've sent!
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    Sing a song of sixpence

    Isn't it also funny how we sometimes just say these little rhymes and go along with it, when we haven't a clue to what they are trying to say here?
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    Founding myths of rome

    Do you know, I've never even put together the months with the Roman Empowers, but now it all makes so much sense! Duh! Also, it's crazy how some people obtain power through the people, but then the people end up hating them for it.
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    Accuracy in film

    I have noticed certain small things, but sometimes I tend to forget it or not really pay it much attention as the movie goes on. If it's a good movie, it takes your mind away from it quickly.
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    Witches and human sacrificies

    Why is that most people believe that witches use human or animal sacrifices? Witches use mostly herbs and leaves when casting "spells". A bay leaf, for example, is said to create positivity.
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    Welfare fraud

    Or how about the report they did on how many people are using their welfare cards in the liquor stores. I don't think this should even be allowed!
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    Your favorite character?

    Somehow I kind of remembered that the name "Nike" came from somewhere, but I don't know why I didn't associate it with a Greek Goddess. Ha! They should have been having female spokespersons for the brand, but then maybe they wouldn't have sold so well, because guys would have thought them...
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    Besides mythology

    I enjoy writing. I almost always carry a notebook with me everywhere I go. The thoughts just hit me as I go through everyday life. There is always something to see and talk about.
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    He's taking over urban legends too!

    He doesn't really have to do much anymore to gain attention. You can clearly see that he has serious problems. I honestly don't think he really wants all of this publicity. The public is just having fun with him now.
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    Why are you interested in mythology?

    I like it because even though some of them may or may not be true - myths have a way of influencing people or at least giving them something to consider.
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    Being a witch and being wiccan are two different things

    Wiccan is a religion, but many people just assume that anyone who is Wiccan is a witch. Witchcraft is a craft that has to be learned. While there may be Wiccans who actually are witches, not all Wiccans are.