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    Illustrating myths and legends

    Beautiful work. Some of those beings I have not heard of.
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    Is the being amun the same as ra?

    Yeah, I remember insidious! creepy stuff. : )
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    What frightens you the most?

    There was a movie made not that long ago where two people are abandoned by the boat while scuba diving. They did not even have a raft and they were surrounded by sharks. It was pretty good, but I forgot the name of the film.
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    What frightens you the most?

    I believe this painting was done by W. Homer??? If I'm not mistaken?
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    What frightens you the most?

    It used to be anything with the supernatural; things like demons and hauntings. Growing up Catholic gave me a feeling that the devil was hiding in the closet ready to take me to hell. One documentary included supposed photos of real ghosts; ectoplasm and everything! I don't think I slept for a...
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    Bears in celtic mythology

    Come to think of it, I do not think i have ever encountered a bear myth in Celtic myths. Important animals include deer, dogs, crows, stags, eagles, otters and salmon.
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    New greek movie "the immortals"

    I saw it with my geeky myth-loving friends! It was fun and we had a good time. It is by no means a great film, but if you just want to see something fun and with a mythological theme, by all means give it a shot. We also enjoyed the Wrath of the Gods! The Immortals is in a similar vain: over the...
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    Camp myth: a summer camp for mythological creatures

    Hmmm...maybe I could think of a few more. How to make a fire with the help of a dragon or phoenix. Swimming contests with merpeople.
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    Checking robert graves' accounts

    Good point.
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    Reality shows

    I'm guilty of still watching that show. :rolleyes:
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    Checking robert graves' accounts

    I was told by a Classics teacher once that Graves' references are things he pulled out of his ass. (Although he did not use such colorful language).
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    Camp myth: a summer camp for mythological creatures

    How about "Pegasus riding" that sounds like fun. Or staring contests with a Basilisk or Medusa?
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    Barbarians sucking blood

    I don't know too much about this, but I did see a history program about vampires once. It did not mention this. The oldest vampire story actually is Chinese. According to one book on vampires I read, the whole thing was spured on by people examining the graves of those who died and finding that...
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    I believe in Mesopotamian myth she is also called Lilith. In a myth called the Huluppu tree, she takes up residence there. Inanna implores the hero Gilgamesh to get rid of her.
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    Check out this cool short movie about Cuchulainn. Music by The Decembrists.