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    Remembering philip seymour hoffman

    I know he wasn't thinking of his family, that's for sure. What kind of parent burdens their children with such grief? Not only was it a cowardly act, it was a selfish one. Suicide doesn't end the hurt, it shifts it on to those you love.
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    Everyone ignores the homophobia of the 2004 troy movie

    Briseis is the name of Achilles' Trojan concubine in the Iliad as well, although her backstory was different in the film. She was taken by Agamemnon when he was forced to return Chryseis to her father in order to avert the plague struck on the Greek army by Apollo, thereby causing Achilles to...
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    How much of history is myth?

    The origin of the word "history", according to "Historia" would appear to be Greek in origin.
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    Greetings, and questions regarding miss edith hamilton, and a poll.

    Never heard of this book, but I might look around and see if I can find a copy. As for the poll, I have no religious affiliation and consider myself the founder of the "I don't give a crap either way" group when it comes to whether or not God is real.
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    Remembering philip seymour hoffman

    No, I certainly don't, I speak for no one but myself. Everyone is entitled to look at the world the way they choose and shouldn't be forced to accept another's viewpoint as their own. No, there's no excuse for that. I think in this age of anonymity on the Internet and social media in...
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    Remembering philip seymour hoffman

    Call me insensitive if you want, but I find it difficult to be empathetic for one who chooses suicide because I've always viewed it as a coward's way out. Believe me, that view comes from personal experience. But to his grieving family, friends, and fans, my heart goes out.
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    Trail of tears

    There's the legend of the Cherokee Rose.
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    We are native americans

    Not necessarily. Look at the treatment of Christians in the Middle East and how many of them are forced to convert to Islam or be killed, and the Islam phobia that's been running rampant in the West since 9/11. Maybe it isn't as dramatic as it was in Roman times with people being crucified and...
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    What was it that got you into mythology?

    No, multi-player isn't my scene. Never really has been due to me being such a shut-in for almost all my life.
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    We are native americans

    You're misconstruing what I meant by "to be fair". I didn't mean to imply it was right or moral, I was just pointing out that there was a cause behind the Romans' treatment of Christians that's oft ignored in modern times. They were no more intolerant than religions today, save for maybe...
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    What culture is it from? Knowing that would help to narrow down the scope.
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    Sightings of Sasquatch-like beings go back far too many centuries and across too many cultures that never encountered each other for it to be mere mistaken identification. These peoples weren't stupid, they lived off the land and knew the difference between various animals that inhabit these...
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    We are native americans

    To be fair, the "persecution" of early Christians in Roman times is frequently looked upon through a one-way mirror as part of modern religious propaganda. What gets left out is that in Roman society, one was allowed to worship as they pleased as long as they paid proper respect to the Roman...
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    How much of history is myth?

    I wouldn't really say he got lost per se, rather he just happened upon a pretty big roadblock. :D
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    Your favorite type of mythology

    Greek, but I also like Egyptian and Norse.