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    Well-wishes, jewellery

    I had a chance to browse through some books on a bus trip, and I found a few lines lines in Grógaldr, where Svipdagr wakes her mother, a dead völva, to make protective spells as he is setting out to a dangerous journey. In the ninth spell: I like! I also found another version of it: Mimir's...
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    Finnish mythology

    There's an english translation by Keith Bosley, is it incomplete? Bosley's english translation of Kalevala is in my humble opinion by far the best I've seen, in maintaining the style and rhythm of the...
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    Well-wishes, jewellery

    Thank you, much appreciated! I really like the article on - I tried to find examples of runic inscriptions on viking era jewellery, but could not find any examples - although these "bracteates" appear to pre-date viking era. I'm aiming for some historic authenticity and...
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    Well-wishes, jewellery

    Hi all, new member here, I joined to look for help finding a suitable "wish-you-well" to put on a piece of jewellery; I'm making a silver pendant as a gift to a friend who has a nerdy nerve for vikings and Norse mythology. The plan (so far) is to have on the front side an adaptation of the...