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    Help identifying images

    Also the bottom two who are circling eachother may be Austen and Vesten. Austen would chase the sun in attempt to devouring it, Vesten would circle the moon trying to devour it. The two circling each other might be evidence these two are a depiction of the two.
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    Help identifying images

    While I'm not the artist or wearer of this art, my best guess for all three would be Fenrir (FYR) fire, fear, fur . FYR was one of three children of Loki's he breed with a witch just before Ragnarok. In the twilight of the gods or Ragnarok FYR bites off the good sword arm of TYR, the best...
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    Nordic symbols (help please)

    Chevrons are commonly used as military insignia to designate rank. This is still used in The United States of America today. However the chevrons history are military insignia rooting from heralding or grafting armory in both Germanic and Scandinavian regions.