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    Question about jesus christ, sun dieties in grieco roman mythology

    I am unsure if by mentioning Zeus you are referring to his relationship to hades but in Greek mythology Zeus sometimes considered the god of the gods is Hades brother who is the god of the underworld.
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    Aliens in the dreamtime

    To your idea of aliens visiting aboriginal tribes in the past and present, one book I have heard a lot about advocating this hypothesis is Chariots of the Gods written by the German author Erich von daniken. While I have not personally read this book I believe it was the inspiration for the...
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    Aliens in the dreamtime

    Here is a great article I just read that talks about this subject in much more detail than I described it.
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    Aliens in the dreamtime

    Have you ever heard of something called cargo cults. I don't know if this could be part of what you are referring to when you mention aboriginal tribes sometimes worshipping and depicting white beings that fly away. It has been observed in a number of indigenous tribes that when white explorers...
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    Comparative mythology

    Anyone want to have a discussion on commonalities of mythology; such as the idea of the heroes journey made popular by Joseph Campbell. Or the idea that god or the gods or other aspects of mythology is human centered as in the quote attributed to Xenophanes; “If oxen and horses and lions had...