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    Oh my gosh this just gave me goosebumps. I remember meeting a doppleganger of my friend. She waved from inside the our classroom and when I went in no one is there. Of course my friend was more freaked out than I was. She started crying when I told her :-|
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    College urban legends

    All-girl college bathrooms are the most popular targets of horror stories in our country. I guess it's because of the cases of abortion and suicide that are reported from those schools. I know of a college that has no mirrors in their bathrooms because they said that in one of the bathrooms one...
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    Songs that get stuck

    Tom's Diner? Haha I think the most annoying "stuck songs" are the jingles of commercials GAH. I hate it when those songs get stuck in my head. It feels like the corporation has taken control of my head.
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    Songs that get stuck

    Oh my gosh... EVERY DAY I'M SHUFFLING doo doo doo doo DOO DOO DOO!! Haha That song was stuck in my head for quite some time! Now it's a tie between Super Bass by Nicki Minaj and Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5! Haha
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    Chills and walking on "future" grave

    I know this is more superstition than urban legend but it must have come from somewhere right? We've often heard that when you feel chills randomly someone is walking over your future grave? Actually I don't even get the sense in that, though. What does that eve mean.
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    Pornography is never really a valid way to promote anything at all but sexual promiscuity. I agree, it will definitely draw in the wrong crowd. What is up with their PR strategies! *smh*
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    I'm all for animal welfare but I think PETA is just insane. Sorry if someone in this forum is one of their few millions of supporters but I read about their recent plan to launch a pornography website to promote animal rights. I feel like they are putting down human rights and dignity for the...
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    College urban legends

    There's one about the college dormitory of where my best friend studies. There's a flight of stairs with a portrait of Christ and they say that stairway is haunted. People can go around and around the same flight of stairs for hours and pass that exact same portrait every time. Creepy O_o
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    Rubber hair ties from china

    I need to find the pictures, I only heard about it from a friend. It's pretty disgusting since we tie our hair with it, and I have this habit of holding it in my mouth while fixing up my hair. Euch. Stopped that habit after my friend told me about this. :confused: Edit: Okay I found a link with...
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    Rubber hair ties from china

    I received an e-mail from my friend about the rubber hair ties that can be bought from China. They're really cheap and they're just used to tie hair but someone decided to stretch it open and discovered it was actually a used Condom O_o How disturbing is that?? I wonder if it's true though or...
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    X factor

    I've been a fan of the X factor even when it was just a British program. I adore Cheryl Cole and I kinda have some bitterness in me while watching the American version since they treated Chezza so badly. Nicole Scherzinger is boring as a judge, but maybe she'll improve during the next rounds...
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    Living among witches.

    Wicca is actually very popular in many places of the world and they're not really the "witches" that we are more accustomed to hearing about. I heard they're actually really nice people whose beliefs center around all the natural elements on earth, or maybe that's another group of witches...
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    Haha thank you! I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who finds the whole twilight fad ridiculous. Someone needs to bring back the old style vampires into this generation or they're goign to keep on believing that vampires are sparkly and look like RPats.
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    Tree mythology

    So when I was younger and still living in a province in the Philippines, there were stories about creatures living in trees, and I don't just mean squirrels and birds, but supernatural beings having their own little worlds inside trees, specifically banyan trees (locally known to us as balete...
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    Torchwood: miracle day

    I have finally managed to free up some time in my schedule to watch the finale of the season and wow! I don't know if i should love it or hate it. On one side the action and resolution was pretty cool but the build up to the "blessing" and what the blessing really was is a bit meh. It's...