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    Magical objects in fairy tales and mythology

    What are some magical items in both Fairy Tales and Mythology? What story are they from? And what do they do?
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    Do you believe the story of rene asche ronodlier?

    Okay I was watching something on scariest places on earth about this guy who was born looking like a monster and I do believe he may have been born with a rare gene that is commonly associated with werewolves. Any way the people of Savvanah Georgia were afraid of him. Apparently when he was...
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    What are some good scary urban legends?

    What are some scary urban legends like the Hookman and Bloody Mary?
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    What kind of monster serves as a tool for vengeance?

    I watch this show Teen Wolf and there's this creature that serves a master as a tool for vengeance. They call it a Kanima. Now I'm just wondering are their any creatures in mythology similar to the Kanima?
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    Late for the show but ready to go

    Hello I'm Joker I joined this site a few years and forgot but any way I figured I should still introduce myself. I love mythology and the supernatural I hope to make lots of friends here. Have a good day :)
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    What kind of creatures in mythology reside in hell?

    I'm trying to look up monsters that include demons which reside in hell. Also what would you call a creature that started out as human but became something else?