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    Thank you misa I'd never heard of the peaches before. That gives me a Chinese warrior with out trying to figure out how he got his hands on one of the elixir the Chinese emperors where do good of trying to make
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    Thank you for help it was very helpful. Do you have any other ideas?
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    I figured out my samurai Japanese have a legend that if you eat a mermaids flesh that you are cursed to live forever. Supposedly a women who ate it lived to be 800 before she traveled the eightfull path to pass on to heaven. I'm thinking I can get the Spartan with Ambrosea the wine if the gods...
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    I'm hoping to draw from several cultures. So far I've got an templer knight ( English first crusade I think) drinking from the holy grail. a cursed legionar ( first/ second century Roman ) and a Spartan ( Greek one of the three hundred ) who found his way out of Hades what I don't have and...
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    I know this sounds like a kinda strange request. I'm working on a story and. The cast of "good" guys are all immortals I would like each of them to have found/gained there immortality a different way. So can you help me out with some immortality myths
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    Moon wolves

    I know this sounds strange but maybe some one can explain this to me. I was in Reno nv. Many years ago. I was hunting in the desert at night maybe two hours before dawn and I was about two three hours out of town when I saw a light. Given the time of day I figured it was I good idea to go to...
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    Witch craft is one of the oddest and oldest forms of religion around the idea that you (the witch) could do something to change and effect the world around you. Is truly novel and something we tend to forget. It's much easier to blame others ( witches the government other people the devil)...
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    Friday the 13th

    Actually the current calender we use is the gragoragen calender. And the lunar calenderaccurately takes seven years if matched up with the solar calender which we don't us because it takes seven years to come full circle.