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    The nazis and the ocult.

    I don't know very much about this (fascinating) subject. I have heard people link Nazism to Freemasons, which I think is unfair. I also read that Hitler used occult references as a code to deceive others outside the regime, basically to make himself sound unbalanced.
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    Roman expansion into celtic territory

    Thanks for the link Rhonda. I like the map and if it had labelled the countries it would be even better. Great site, with lots of other cool things for budding young historians.
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    Travel plans?

    Ireland sounds lovely, great food and scenery! Oh and beer too of course. I love the spiritual side of life in India. Believe it or not I started dreaming of it long before 'Eat, pray, Love' brought it into the spotlight. I have a friend who went to a retreat and came back with a wonderful new...
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    Travel plans?

    It's that time of year when the post xmas lull makes me start thinking about travelling. I would love to visit India, though I think it would be a better trip when you have a month or more to see as much as possible.
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    The princes in the tower

    I have no definite opinion about what exactly happened but the whole story is fascinating. I wonder if anyone has tried to exhume the bodies believed to be theirs and conduct tests? (I know this happened in the past but technology wasn't what it is today at that time.)
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    Spontaneous human combustion

    Rhonda that sounds horrendous! I'm glad she is fine now and recovered from whatever it was. As for the topic of this thread, I don't have any definite opinion but this article is interesting and provides some scientific explanation for what happens.
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    Are you a writer?

    Sadly I don't have the kind of brain that allows me to create fantasy worlds and figures. I do enjoy creative writing but it is more modern (and often off the wall). I have the greatest admiration for people who can create novels like Harry Potter.
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    The role of animals

    I agree. In my opinion the amazing instincts and abilities of animals are not recognised often enough in most cultures. Do you have a favorite story from Native American mythology?
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    Top urban legends to emerge in 2010

    Those jokesters are likely trying to get themselves into the news by spreading silly stories! I heard one today about a mouse being found INSIDE a loaf of bread. It was a hoax but think of the damage done to the local business accused of bad hygiene practices.
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    Top urban legends to emerge in 2010

    As we begin the new year it seems fitting to consider the hoax stories which may well become the urban legends of the future. I think the various Facebook 'status updates' are a good contender. Here's a site with some more ideas.
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    Creation story

    Wow it's pretty bloodthirsty, isn't it? (I like that aspect of it, though I wonder how much was meant to be symbolic but has come to be represented as direct facts.)
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    New year's eve traditions and mythology

    In Britain there are various New Year traditions that seem to be based in myths about good fortune. One that comes to mind is the concept of 'first footing', where a tall, dark, handsome man should be the first to enter your house after midnight.
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    The oracle

    I see what you mean but this site clearly indicates the use of some form of gas. Do you think the people who visited were unaware of this? I just read this article which suggests that nobody involved really planned it this way. It's a mystery I would love to solve!
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    I would like to go to Stonehenge but these days I am not sure how close you can actually get to the main area. It would be a pity to travel there and then be barred from fully communing with the mystical forces around the stones.
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    Norse history and runes

    Does anyone here read Nordic rune stones? I think they are really fascinating and if you would like to read more about how the writings of the Eddas influenced this development check this site out.