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    The Mythical Dragon

    I think it's very possible dragons were conceived because of dragons. I'm sure that dinosaur bones have been discovered before modern times, and people would have recognized them as bones. Such large creatures would naturally be viewed as monsters.
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    Ares, god of war

    There have been some characteristics that I've heard about that are less than desirable or admirable. Like, he'll often leave the losing side of an army and join the winning army. He'll sometimes even flee from battle. Very humanlike characteristics like many of the greek gods, which I find...
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    What are some urban legends around where you live?

    Every place has urban legends surrounding it, whether it be a ghost or some kind of goulish monster. What are some urban legends where you live? We have this one ghost called simply "the black man" that appears as a mysterious shadow in one part of town, on a bridge.
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    Urban legends, mythology in it's own right?

    It's very possible. I mean some myths were made up to keep children in line. We do that nowadays and just sign them off as an urban legend or superstition.
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    Aphrodite is in the news

    I think the idea of having a nude aphrodite on a passport, if done well, would be nice. I mean if they are worried about the nudity, why not have mist or something covering up her lady parts.
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    Favorite mythological weapon

    Throughout various myths, there have been a variety of magical or special weapons capable of otherworldly power. What is your favorite weapon from any myth, whether it be japanese, celtic, greek, or from any other origin? Mine would have to be the Pashupatastra, one of Shiva's weapons that had...
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    Help finding a name

    Phanes was the primeval deity of procreation in greek mythology. I would have gone with the deity "Thesis" which was the goddess of creation, but that name is more associated with a homework assignment than a deity. I hope that helps somewhat. It's the only thing I could think of. The only...
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    Your favorite type of mythology

    I've always love greek myths. I fell in love with them back in high school when I would read books about them in study hall. The imagery used to describe the underworld was fantastic and really gave it a feel as though it's another world, yet still beneath the Earth. The gods had natures more...
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    Birds dropping from the sky

    That does sound interesting. From what I know, many animals use the Earth's magnetic field for navigation. It's possible that in these places, maybe there was an electromagnetic anomaly that affected the traveling behavior in these creatures. This is truly bazaar.
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    What is your favorite tale from Greek Mythology?

    My favorite greek tale has to be that of Medusa. I always found it interesting how her power to turn those she glances at into stone was because of a curse bestowed upon her. that at one point, Medusa was actually quite beautiful, and now is marred with a hideous face that nobody can look even...