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    Breaking mirrors

    You both are right, it's 7 years of bad luck. I guess I was thinking of 13 because it's supposedly an unlucky number. :) Well, I guess my 7 years should be up then. I am alive and well! lol
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    Breaking mirrors

    I've heard that if you break a mirror, you'll get 13 years of bad luck. But, the only problem I see with breaking a mirror is the mess, especially if you have to clean it up! I've broken mirrors before, but I don't believe it's affected my luck.
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    Black cats: bad luck, good luck, or just cats?

    I've always heard that black cats were bad luck, especially when I was growing up. However I'm a cat person in general, so I love all kinds of cats. Even if they are black. :)
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    I haven't been able to trace my family back very far. You would think I'd be able to--my family name is uncommon. I've only gotten to the early 1800s. I have no idea what they've done before that, but there are family legends of how members in the family were married 10 or 12 times. lol
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    Cockroach eggs on envelope seals

    Ew, I had never heard of this before, but I always get the self-adhesive kind. This legend reminds me of Seinfeld, I forgot who was getting married but ended up dying from licking an envelope.
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    Have you guys played Civilization? It's one of my favorite games. I love how it's a strategy game that involves some history, too. Basically, you're a a historic ruler and you have to go and build your empire/civilization and fight off other empires/kingdoms. It's a lot of fun. :D
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    Did you fear them?

    Ooh, the Bloody Mary myth. I remember the kids talking about that when I was in elementary school. I was so afraid of saying it (three times) and looking in a mirror. :)
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    The slaem witch trials

    I've been wanting to go to Salem and check it out. I wonder how the locals feel about their town--I mean, I wonder if they get annoyed with all of the tourists coming in and asking questions.
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    Third eye/sixth sense?

    I believe that the third eye exists. At one point, I had been practicing meditation and astral traveling (a mixture of various things) and got to the point where I felt I was able to see with my third eye. I did see something and it scared me enough that I never did it again.
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    Favorite urban legend show?

    Mythbusters is one of my favorite shows. I don't know of any other shows that are exclusively about urban legends. I see many specials on the History Channel or Discovery Channel. Usually, they're in a Top 10 format.
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    Tired of charlie sheen?

    I am absolutely tired of Charlie Sheen. I read a variety of news sources and I find it irritating how he makes the top story. There are many regular people out there with their own drama, drug problems, etc. Charlie Sheen gets the attention because he's a celebrity. There are way more important...
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    Full moon

    Hmm, maybe--but there are babies that are born all of the time. Not necessarily when there is a full moon. However, my little one was born during a full moon. ;)
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    Astronomy and planets

    I know that the inner planet names came from Roman and Greek mythology. But what about the planets Uranus and Pluto (although I guess it isn't a planet anymore ;)? Was Pluto really named after the dog? Also what is Uranus associated with?
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    Mythology books

    Hi guys, thank you so much for the recommendations. I am going to start off with Edith Hamilton's Mythology and the Women's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets. I just ordered them and should be getting them on Friday. :)
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    Online stalkers

    Unfortunately I've had experience in this department. The stalker kept following me to various sites, including forums and blogs that I posted on. Every comment I made, they would comment somewhere in the thread and write a lot of nasty things about me. I never did anything about it, eventually...