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    Examples of Contradictory "Just So" Etiological Explanations

    You mean like Jesus was the Son of Man, and also the Son of God? The God Pan was said to be older than the Olympians and taught hunting to Artemis and prophecy to Apollo, but was also the son of Hermes (his mother varied, including Penelope the wife of Odysseus).
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    Seeking source about a certain theme in african mythology

    I believe it's a term Hermann Baumann, the anthropologist, coined.
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    Why do you think hera didn't try to hurt ganymede like she did zeus' female lovers?

    Zeus certainly wasn't known as a tender, or long term, lover, although he was fond of his children. Ganymede was his only male lover, so maybe the novelty lasted longer?
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    Why do you think hera didn't try to hurt ganymede like she did zeus' female lovers?

    Ganymede was one of the reasons that Hera took the side of the Greeks in the Trojan War. Not only was she annoyed that Zeus had another lover, but he had even supplanted her daughter, Hebe, as cup-bearer to the gods, and Hera felt it was disgraceful that the nectar of the gods was being tainted...
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    Compsite divinity (or the geneology of divines)

    It really is that simple! Terms like "Proto-Indo-European religion", "interpretatio graeca", and "religious syncretism" are very easy to look up on Wikipedia. You can eat brownies while you do it.
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    Why was the sword in the stone?!

    As a 'twin' Clarent can't be the original of Excalibur, only it's equal. As to Galahad's sword of peace - this appears after Arthur has been King for many years, so he had already pulled the earlier sword from the stone. The true original is the sword of Theseus, who pulled a sword from under a...
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    Compsite divinity (or the geneology of divines)

    Sounds like you need to look into comparative mythology.
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    Greek mythology

    The scene; Icarus is flying towards the sun. His father Daedalus looks on. The story; Daedalus (a famous inventor and craftsman) built the Labyrinth (home of the Minotaur) for King Minos (King of Crete). But to stop Daedalus revealing the path through the Labyrinth to anyone, Minos kept him...
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    Why was the sword in the stone?!

    The original Sword in the Stone can still be seen at the Rotonda de Montesiepi, Tuscany;
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    Greek? unknown mythological creature - please help

    This is a 12th Century version from France
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    How zeus became king of the gods?

    Zeus was never swallowed by Cronus. His mother, Rhea, substituted a stone for her youngest son (Zeus) which Cronus swallowed. Zeus grew up in secret and when grown he attacked his father and caused him to regurgitate the other children (Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Hades and Poseidon). Zeus and his...
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    Present-day relevance of perseus?

    There's the Perseus Digital Library -
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    Looking for a very specific shot in the dark...

    How about Aaron's rod? In the Bible it symbolised the divine right of the Levitical priests to rule the Israelites, but in later legends it was the staff which God gave to Adam when he left Paradise and was passed to his descendants - Jacob used it to cross the Jordan, and Judah gave it to his...
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    Beldams & changelings

    Beldams are dangerous fairy creatures who lure men to their destruction in inhospitable environments. The poem by John Keats "La Belle Dame sans Merci" is about a beldam (belle-dame). The name beldam (meaning 'beautiful woman') is a placatory way of referring to them, in the hope that such...
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    Brian, nephew of cadwalla

    The Eucharist does seem a nearer analogy. The three days of Cadwalla regaining health, and the whole seven day episode might, at a stretch be taken to represent the death and resurrection of Jesus, and the seven days of the Creation account in Genesis (- I said "at a stretch", because it is...