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    Animals in the urban legends

    I would say anything with scary eyes like Owls or things that 'hiss' like Snakes are guaranteed to frighten anybody whether adult or child. I wouldn't mind betting that insects will get a few replies here too.
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    Symbolism of the cross

    It's weird how the power of a cross can impinge on anybodys psyche when presented as an answer to a problem. My local soccer team were one of the few in the UK not to win a major trophy until a legend started to circulate that this was down to a gypsys curse from when the ground was being built...
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    Ahh... music. favourite genre, favourite artist

    Well when I was younger I was very much your goth and metal kid with a healthy spash of Indie thrown in but these days it tends to be Nick Cave, PJ Harvey, Spiritualised etc etc. I'm intruiged by Amys' choices, may I ask what 'blackened death metal' is ? when I was younger, Venom, Napalm Death...
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    I've always wondered why there are so many myths and superstitions attached to this bird. I've looked online and found the well known 'one for sorrow, two for joy' song but the strangest thing I've heard is that if you see a magpie you must say 'hello' to it! Any clues as to where this...
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    My father researched ours and to be fair, it was quite interesting. My grandmothers on my fathers side had a long and quite titled history throughout the middle ages whereas the trail on my grandfathers side seemed to end over in Ireland. The best thing about the whole experience was when he...
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    Will christianity become myth?

    I think that part of christianitys' fall in popularity is the fact that its broader faiths and beliefs have been somewhat obscured in favour of creating offshoot churches that focus less on the bible and its meanings and more on peoples own beliefs as nutured by the practical world we live in...
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    The nazis and the ocult.

    I've heard various rumours about how Hitler was consulting an astrologist by the end of the war and how the SS was founded around the occult but this may have been people trying to rationalise what happened at that time. Speaking of the Swastika, the Nazis actually reversed it for their...
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    Haunted history

    We drove past the Amityville horror house up on Long Island a couple of years ago. We didnt stop or slow down or anything but even with only a two second glance, it still seemed wierd looking at such a well known site.
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    It has always fascinated me the story behind the 'boy king' . One of the most repeated myths is that there was a tutankhamun relic on the titanic. Does anybody know of why this rumour started?
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    Fake celebrity deaths

    I think it's just a way of getting some attention (usually coincident with the release of a movie or autobiography!). The whole world of celebrity is soooo depressing.
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    Most influential ancient culture?

    It's really difficult to pick out the one outstanding culture from ancient times as they all brought different enhancements to civilisation as we know it. Speaking as a Brit, I would have to say the Romans being as their society directly affected us as a race.
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    The slaem witch trials

    Has anybody ever seen the film adaptation of the Arthur Miller play "The Crucible" with Daniel Day-Lewis? I thought it was one of the best dramatisations of the witch trials that I've seen and illustrated perfectly the hysteria and collective madness that can spiral out of control once these...
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    The nanteos cup

    I agree, I think curiosity value would have the crowds flocking. More of a surpriise to me was that I'd never heard of this cup until this program and I always thought that I knew a fair bit about Grail legend.
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    The nanteos cup

    According to a TV program shown on UK TV, you have all been looking in the wrong place for the Holy Grail, it's been over here in Wales all the time.
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    Mythology movies

    Of those listed, my own favourites are the Lord of the Rings trilogy and Jason and the Argonauts which you can guarantee will be on over christmas time. Perfect after a mince pie! :)