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    Immortals movie

    I thought so too when I saw the just the movie previews but I decided to give the books a chance and the author actually clears up a lot of the inconsistencies (ie how Athena could possibly have children, she's still a virgin goddess in the stories but her children are kind of like a brain child...
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    Your favorite character?

    Apollo and Artemis are hands down my favorite. Artemis is just so overlooked I think and to me she's one of the most unique goddesses of them all.
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    What is your favorite tale from Greek Mythology?

    Whoops posted in the wrong thread, feel free to delete
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    What is your favorite tale from Greek Mythology?

    Eros and Psyche hands down. Then again I also love Hades and Persephone, Ares and Aphrodite (all the love stories really) Artemis and Acteon etc. etc. I could go on and on lol
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    Descriptions of the gods

    Ooh God yes! All of the Athena descriptions in The Iliad are goosebump inducing amazing aren't they?
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    Immortals movie

    I agree, he's just wonderful!
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    Hello from a greek mythology fan!

    Lol I'm the same way with my Mom, she's sick of hearing about it all too
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    The iliad or the odyssey?

    Both stories are wonderful of course but I kind of prefer The Iliad just for the insanely epic battles, Athena and Ares being my top favorite. I just like all the involvement of the Olympians in The Iliad; however, in The Odyssey I like how we get stories such as Ares and Aphrodite's affair etc.
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    ~Sigh~ Oh Cupid, he is to us girls what Aphrodite is to men, the absolute ideal <3
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    Immortals movie

    Hmm, I looked him up and he's listed as an assistant director
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    Immortals movie

    I haven't seen any of his movies yet, though I've been meaning to see Benjamin Button. It's good to know it's in good hands though =)
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    How did you find us?

    I googled mythology forums
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    I was bullied horribly in middle school, this was in the 90's. I would have half a class ganging up on me, I had spit wads spit at me, more than once when it was found out I liked a boy in class I never heard the end of it and had endless streams of people telling me how ugly I was, how no guy...
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    Immortals movie

    Anyone else absolutely STOKED for this to come out? The cast looks absolutely brilliant, I cannot wait:
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    Clash of the titans....

    Oooh the new Clash remake was atrocious! It was basically Christianized (no offense) mythology with poor Hades being pegged the bad guy as he always inaccurately is and figures from Greek mythology are put in there and made to be someone else, characters who are supposed to be close are...