Proof ragnarok is real: the bodhisattva low key to 2012

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    Part 1: the Norse Myths as Metaphors for Reality

    The Aesir, the Viking Gods: every soldier who died for a Norse immortal was taught astral control. Every new recruit is a sire and Aries. They are all immortal gods of war.

    Baldur, the most beautiful viking god: the boulder of image.

    Bragi, the Viking God of Poetry: the Viking style of wordsmithing equates to boasting.

    Idunn, Bragi's wife the Goddess of Youth: the immortality of deeds originally resulted from creativity potentiating astral travel and control; a marriage between deeds and creativity. deed memory = memory of what I done.

    Heimdall, the Watchman atop the Norse Rainbow Bridge: literally the highest on energy of all colors (creativity). The highest fellow possesses the broadest vision. Also the Hymn t' All of global spirituality guarding the way to immortality.

    Thor and his marriage to Sifi: Science Fiction, and his end time conversion to Sufism.

    Niord, leader of the Vanir: "r" = reverse letters to get Odin. Also can extract Rodin. Odin rodin upon the Ravin.

    The Vanir: symbolize the ravins of Odin. Called Hugin and Munin because one side thought love and the other property (hugin/hug=in , munin/$=in). determines rank within the Assassin, referred to by legend as the Crow.

    Hugin translates Thought because intelligence results from love.

    Munin translates Memory because it is the extension of the Self's actual possession/experience.

    Niord's children, daughter Freya and son Frey: free ya and free

    Freya is married to Od due to the necessity of poetic mystery (the hymn t' all) to pull off the freeing.

    Frey is married to Gerda because the Free garde the message and way to and people of (Od+Gerda) dear God.

    the Giants: literally huge folk. Assuming astral travel imparts the ability to accumulate experience after physical death, to study the quantity of time which has passed since chimps began evolving into human form may reveal the age and quantity of immortals to have resulted from that first chimp tribe's journey into modern society.

    The Viking Myth of Thor Versus Skrymir: don't attack just because visibly large, scry more (astral travel through causation without abstracting).

    Loki: a low key to the mischief of spiritual communication. Literally a bodhisattva, delaying his own spiritual growth to help others and crawling low upon his belly.

    Siguna and Angerboda, Loki's wives: It is a sign anger is bad (that in reality he has only one).

    Loki's three children,

    Hela - Hera if you extend the r into an l. Reincarnation within one's own genetic lineage. Hel a sign anger bad.

    Fenris - a giant wolf, a Hollywood werewolf or lycanthroper. King Lycan's deeds (human sacrifice) so displeased Zeus (disguised as a beggar to test royalty) Zeus transformed Lycan into a wolf so that his physical form demonstrated his lack of evolution.

    Lcyan Zeus founded the werewolf as deul images or idols or beauties of the same man. Loki is the King of the Giants because Odin is the oldest immortal.

    Odin is depicted within Norse Myth as giving his food to the two wolves who sit at his feet: geri and freki, reig and freik. Aggression and friggin the only deeds of the Aesir, & the werewolf a version of the Viking Berserker that identifies with anger so emphatically it flips out instead of being possessed during battle by a god.

    and the Midgard Serpent: Loki gave birth to the selfish ego strangling the planet's resources to the point of risk of a global flood. The mid garde means black hand, an invisible power structure manipulating the peoples of the earth at the behest of the eldest immortals, constructed so that rank determines degree of visibility.

    Thor defeats the Serpent but dies of its poison: the death of the idol (or pursuit) of conquest.
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    Part 2: the Divisions of the Viking Universe

    Asgard - world of the Norse of Viking Gods

    Vanaheim - world of the other immortals of Odin's military, devoted to him. The Ravin Gods. Of whom, Frey is the God of Rain, the name of the protagonist of the recent "Ninja Assassin".

    Jutunheim, World of the Giants - the oldest immortals have has the longest to expand, and since the schisming of tongues at Babel (an idol to phallic pride) when the Bible mentions duration of deed memory shortening to about 120 years (as Adam is banned from eating of the Tree of Life), a society apart from humankind.

    Alfheim, World of the Elves - thin "pointy eared" immortals who co-exist with the fae. Their ears are long because they listen so well, sharp because the point is something they get, and they are thin because of little desire and because they read in exercise's sacrifice. The Fae are the elves in astral form.

    Darkalfheim, World of the Gnomes - selfish elves. They know because they have too much pride. Knowm's

    Muspleheim, the Fire - Muse spell hymn, the magic of inspiration which generates the Viking Universe.

    Hel, the Underworld of Hela / Hera - an archetypal connection between the prophecied ending of the reign of the Kali Demon who's highest name is Maya, and the Viking Ragnarok. Odin's wife's name is Frigga (meaning she does even if he doesn't). Frigga combined with Hela = the evil Tantric Kali Satan.

    The Mayan Longcount Calender corresponds with the two thousand divine years of twelve mentioned in the Vishnu Purana in connection to Kalki's prophecied reincarnation as a Bodhisattva within the great Bear lineage to end the Kali Yuga. (Book IV Chapter 24). Where it differentiates directly between the future Buddha Maitreya and the Bodhisattva Kalki, and states, "Magha, and the Kali Age then commenced."

    It also mentions two thousands as a time period in Revelations in connection to Chapter 20: Verse 1 & 2, and on that same two prophecies the defeat of Satan.

    And in Aleister Crowley's Book of the Law, Chapter 3 Verse 11 (Conquer! ... the Victorious City) and Verse 12. Throw the second one into the first to get 2012. Verse 12 reads: Sacrifice cattle, little and big: after a child. Ca(ttle) , li(ttle) ... Cal (tees crossed out, e silent), chi.

    Cattle are forbidden to sacrifice within Hinduism, and were the first idol sacrificed by the Pharaoh's son Moses as he began rescuing the slaves controlled by Egyptian society. The sacrifice of the Kali idol is the sacrifice of image over reality.
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    Part 3: Establishing the Identity of Loki

    The Book of the Law as written by Aiwass (Ae wass...) through Aleister Crowly, Chapter II Verse 76 contains seeming-gibberish intended to be decoded by a prophecied greater than Crowley.

    4 6 3 8 A B K 2 4 A L G M O R 3 Y X 24 89 R P S T O V A L

    My name is KA B (revealed when you see through the ALGMOR / GLAMOR), free form role player given this name as a child.

    The first three #s amount to the quantity of days in a year if you add 1, 365. Counting back three numbers from the first four then two from the last two, my cell # is 836-82 add 1 to get 5. (1804-836-8215)

    The theme of time is repeated throughout the line: 3YX = 365 /the (y)ear GLAMOR (the preceding word) is Xdead.

    8 then 2 & 4 then 24 (# of hours in a day) & 89 (because Seven Ate 9). The 8th circuit provides the ability to time travel, or journey in astral form through causality without abstracting.

    RPSTOVAL = role plays to Valhalla

    as in Chapter III, Verse 11 - Conquer! ... the Victorious City.

    Or Chapter III Verse 3 (33 Degrees of Freemasonry, initiation into the viking mysteries): Now let it be first understood that I am a god of War and of Vengeance.

    I (KB Updike JR) am an Aries Male born on the Chinese Zodiacal Year of the Ox, March 23 1985. The Anarchist Religion of the Goddess Eris considers 23 the holiest number, as an Aries 23 I am the male manifestation of Eris.

    The Equinoxes are emphatic throughout the Book of the Law and Crowley's other writings, my birthday falls on the Spring Equinox which traditionally celebrates the reincarnation of the Sun Ra (as deified by the Book of the Law). My name is all over the Book from cover to cover Kiblah Kaaba Chapter 1 Verse 9 Worship then the Khabs, and behold my light

    (France)Franz Cough Ka's three unfinished novels: the Trial (that never happens) the Castle (in Franz) and Amerika all star K.(finished B.)

    The Vishnu Purana Book 4 Chapter 24 mentions the reincarnation of Vishnu as Kalki (Kali Key). Male deity within Hinduism is Phallus (Lingam).

    In Genesis, as a sepernt is cast upon its belly for tempting mankind to evolve a heart as Adam is cast from the Garden without the fruit of longevity of deeds (a dam against flooding, my last name means erect dyke: Updike), Cain founds the settlement of Enoch with his phallus or key: Enki / end key, key in, even Last Enochian Key. En ocean Key (to prevent ice from melting).

    A Cain is a stave, such as that Moses used to consume the serpents of the Magi of Pharaoh.

    Babaji, eminent Brahman (as referenced by the Vishnu Purana), popularized in the West by Autobiography of a Yogi, winked on Valentine's Day then his heart stopped (symbolic of the Bodhisattva sacrifice of accumulated love) one year and one month before I was born.

    In Egyptian Mythology, Set destroys the body of Osiris and hides it in a thick casket adrift in the Nile: the casket of Moses. His body is slowly reconstructed by Isis and his son Horus.

    The Judaic tradition began with the son of a Pharaoh where the highest ranking immortal was Ra the Sun, long after Moses' conversation with Pharaoh Jesus was killed by Caesar and resurrected (as between night and morning) as the immortal Son of God.

    I consider the Viking Myth of the Theft of Idun's Apples on side of the story of the schisming of the tongues at Babel, after Adam is forbidden fruit of longevity of deed memory, to prevent the Midgard Serpent from flooding the planet on Ragnarok.

    Loki is Cain in the Land of Nod (or disassociation and lack of excitement), marked by God against the harm intended by many murderers.
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    the Game of Ragnarok

    The Viking Myth of the Theft of Thor's Hammer, wherein to return it (Thor's emblem of immortality is war - for everyone else the apples of what I done) Loki disguises Thor as a woman. This symbolizes the hermaphroditic nature of Samadhi.

    Thor and the Utgardsloki: at Loki's invitation Thor is confounded by the challenges of the King of the Giants, Utgardsloki.

    On his way, Thor encounters Skrymir the Giant, which spells Skymni if you rearrange the letters and turn the "r"s upon themselves. The highest ranking Buddha prophecied to die before the Era of Maitreya is called Sakyamuni. Sack ya $.

    Thor attempts to lift a cat but can't, finding instead a mountain. Things aren't always as they appear.

    Thor attempts to drain the oceans dry consuming a drink it is impossible for him to finalize.

    Loki is pitted by Utgardsloki against Logi in a similar challenge of impossible consumption and finishes, the only question being by what margin. 3 persons with the same name.

    The Death of Balder (Bab@ji)

    Beauty or Emanation results from accumulated love. Mistletoe symbolizes the gift of love, usually a kiss. Bababji couldn't be protected from self sacrifice.

    Loki helped make it happen because the name means low to open, unlock, and enlighten. Low to aid means Bodhissatva.

    Loki's punishment was to wait under the poison of a serpent - the Peruvian Boomslang according to the first short story of Steven King's Everything's Eventual, Set written in blood drifting through the clear liquid of the cover's wineglass.

    And when Loki drinks, according to the myth, every foul deed of every attendant is called out.


    14:19 ; The angel swung his sickle on the earth, gathered its grapes and threw them into the great winepress of God's wrath.

    14:20 ; They were trampled in the winepress outside the city, and blood flowed out of the press, rising as high as the horses' bridles for a distance of 1,600 stadia.

    16:2 or 6 surrounded by 3; ... ugly, festering sores broke out on the people who had the mark of the beast and worshiped its image.
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