If the greek gods lived in modern times...

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  1. The Greek Gods A.D

    The Greek Gods A.D New Member

    We've all been raised on Myths that take Place B.C...BUT what if someone where to stumble upon what he thought was nothing more than a long dead religion today. When a One Night stand on Craig's list goes wrong to mythical proportions, a low life mortal Jacob winds up being forced BFF's with the Greek Goddess Hera. Against his will she drags her new play toy though the bad, the ugly, and the just plain wrong world of Modern Greek Mythology. Meet self centered, flawed, wrathful, morally taboo, Greek Gods and entities you read about in the myths you grew up on instead of the Justice League of the clouds that you see portrayed in Hollywood Today.

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  2. Nadai

    Nadai Active Member

    The idea of the gods traipsing around in our time is an interesting one. Though the greek gods swore to never interact with mortals after the battle of Troy and once a god makes an oath it is never broken-I wonder how that would be explained in the start of the series.
  3. Isabelle

    Isabelle Member

    I think as hedonistic as the gods were they would probably fit right in here in modern times. Thanks for sharing these with us The Greek Gods.
  4. Enertia

    Enertia Member

    The show will probably just overlook the oath, that the gods made, because the writers will assume that most people do not know Greek mythology. Thanks, for sharing this interesting find.
  5. Myrddin

    Myrddin Well-Known Member

    Writers always seem to think that kind of thing. They seem to just assume that their audience either a) doesn't know anything about the subject (which is stupid on their part because guess what kind of audience their going to attract), or b) that the viewers just won't notice (which is just plain insulting). They really need to get with.
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