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Discussion in 'Urban Legends' started by Willowtree, Mar 7, 2011.

  1. Willowtree

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    Has anyone heard the urban legend of the black dog? If the black dog passes in front of a trucker, the trucker is supposed to have bad luck in the form of a wreck and probably he or others in the wreck will be killed. I've also heard this as a myth from Ireland. A huge black dog that passes in front of someone who is walking at night brings misfortune and sometimes death. The dog doesn't make any sound except for the clicking of his toenails. Two people may be walking together but only one may see the dog also. Have you ever heard this one?
  2. magickz

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    I heard this not for truckers but for anyone in general driving a vehicle and it was said both cats and dogs. I find it funny now later in life since we have a black cat and she is utterly adorable.
  3. Pegasus

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    There is so much that is interesting about this black dog legend. It is said that in European mythology, dogs have always been associated with death. The black dog was alleged to be nocturnal and have large glowing eyes. The back dog is associated with places of execution. Dogs were also believed to be the guardians of the underworld. Eerie isn't it?
  4. Willowtree

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    Yes it is. Have you ever watched a dog watching you sometimes? They have a peculiar way of watching you like they are sizing you up for their dinner. I can imagine a dog guarding the underworld. A huge, big pit bull looking dog, black with glowing red eyes. LOL
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    I don't knoow if any one is still following this thread but I'm here to ask and share some events... willow tree... please add me. Private message and we will talk. To everyone else. Just know this isn't normal for me... I have never believed in myths or urban legends at all.... till the day I wrecked, and truthfully shouldn't be alive. The day I saw the Black Dog....
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    Okay, you've got me interested.
  7. Nadai

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